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How does IRAvest work?

IRAvest is an online network for Borrowers and Investors. Borrowers "Propose" an Opportunity and Investors "Browse". Borrowers upload all the information necessary for their opportunity including pictures and documents. Accredited Investors "inquire" about opportunities. In order for an investor to inquire an investment they must have an active self-directed IRA account or equivalent (cash) with one of our third party affiliated custodians/administrators.

I don't see my Custodian/Administrator, can I still work with IRAvest?

Yes. Simply must have register with IRAvest. Funding can be done from any custodian or administrator.

How do I inquire an investment?

Inquiring about an investment is easy. Once you have Browsed an investment the next step is to click on "IRAvest Now". "IRAvest Now" takes you to a web page that allows you to inquire to the Presenter of the opportunity. We suggest you leave at least 10% of your total account value in cash in your account just in case you need a cash infusion for one of your opportunities.

What happens after an opportunity has been funded?

Once an opportunity has been fully funded you will be contacted by the Presenter directly within 24 hours. Additional paper work will be sent to you for your due diligence. Once the paperwork has been signed and sent to your Custodian/Administrator, your Custodian/Administrator will check the documents, sign the paper work and wire the money. All of the above will be approved by you.

Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest?

Yes! In order to invest with IRAvest you need to be an accredited investor. Please see the requirements here. (needs to be a link to the accredited investor page)

How do I submit an investment?

Please click on "Propose" and fill out all the information you can about your particular opportunity. In addition, upload as much additional documentation as you can.

When will I know my investment is accepted?

Your opportunity will go live immediately.

What is minimum investment?

When you inquire in an opportunity within IRAvest you could be inquiring about the entire opportunity or a piece of it. The system automatically adjusts. For example, if you have an investment of $100,000 the minimum investment is $10,000. If someone reserves $60,000 of the investment the minimum adjusts to $4,444.