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Welcome To Horizon Trust Company

Horizon Trust Company is a custodian that offers IRA custodial services for clients looking to self-direct their Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Horizon Trust provides education on self-directing and custodial services to investors interested in diversifying their tax-sheltered portfolios beyond the limited options of publicly-traded investment products.

Horizon Trust is a licensed and bonded trust company that provides clients with the opportunity to invest in a variety of investment vehicles, including non-publicly traded assets - expanding each client's investment possibilities well beyond traditionally accepted investments in the stock market. We are committed to offering clients the flexibility to select investments that complement their investment portfolio, while providing timely funding of investments, and superior customer satisfaction.


With a Self-Directed IRA from IRA Services you can invest in a wide variety of assets including real estate, private placements and trust deeds, just to name a few of the asset types available in addition to the traditional assets such as mutual funds, stock and bonds. Make sure that your investments are diversified and provide for the type of growth and current income you need at each stage of your life.

Work with professionals to help you meet your retirement challenges, and have your assets held by the professional team at IRA Services. Make sure your custodian is working with you by minimizing account expense so that you keep more of your money working for you. For more than thirty years, we have been providing investors with superior customer service and flexibility in managing their retirement assets. Let us help you manage your retirement plans. We look forward to helping you meet your retirement goals.


The Kingdom Trust Company is one of the nation's leading alternative asset custodians, providing our clients with the most flexible and innovative custody solutions available. First and foremost, our focus is on personalized service and client satisfaction.

Our services range from the simple self-directed IRA custody of alternative assets for the individual investor to a wide-array of institutional clients. In the institutional space, we offer sophisticated custody of private equity funds, hedge funds, fund of funds, and family offices, along with other investment sponsors, advisory firms and broker-dealers. The Kingdom Trust platform reflects our core belief in the value of alternative asset investing.

At Kingdom Trust we understand the expanded role of the custodian in the investment marketplace. As Dodd-Frank legislation evolves, custody is no longer just an add-on service, but it is a vital part of a company's long-term business strategy. Continuing demands for more transparency, reporting, and consumer protections, results in the role of the custodian becoming increasingly more important.

Kingdom Trust Company continues to expand to meet the needs of all of our clients from coast to coast. We accept the responsibility, as a regulated entity, to provide the most recent and well-educated solutions available. We are on a mission at The Kingdom Trust Company to transform the investment world into a marketplace where client portfolio diversity is valued, where the custody solution is transparent and handled with integrity, all while ensuring that all of our relationships have enduring value.

Kingdom Trust Company is registered and regulated in the state of South Dakota as a non-depository trust company, with headquarters in Sioux Falls, SD.


Millennium Trust understands that the investment world is getting more complex by the day. For this reason, we strive to provide the resources needed to simplify and streamline the plethora of financial choices. We enjoy the opportunity to take a complex set of circumstances and find an alternative which fits the unique needs of our clients. Our approach is distinguished by offering precise, proven administrative and custodial services to a wide variety of individuals, investment professionals and institutions. Our expertise and customized solutions have enabled us to become an industry leader in administering alternative investments for Self Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s, creating customized Automatic Rollover solutions, breaking new ground with integrated solutions in Health Savings Accounts, creating unique trading platforms in Investment Advisor Services, and providing valued Personal Trust Administration. From our start in 2000, Millennium Trust has fostered a culture of resourcefulness which has allowed us to find business opportunities others might overlook completely. Working with industry leaders, such as our service partners, we have the capabilities to turn opportunities into results. Millennium Trust performs the duties of a custodian and, as such, does not provide investment advice or sell investments, nor offer any tax or legal advice.


Self-directed IRA custody has been PENSCO Trust Company's sole business since 1989. Chartered in New Hampshire, PENSCO Trust is uniquely focused on being the country's preferred special asset custodian for self-directed IRAs. For the past 18 years we have exclusively concentrated our services on the administration and custody of IRAs invested in non-traded assets, such as those within self directed real estate IRAs, self directed private placement IRAs, self directed Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs and Solo(k)s. Every day we renew our commitment to give clients maximum flexibility in the selection of their investments, utmost confidence in our stewardship, and dedicated customer service at every stage of account life. We make self directed IRA investing easy to give you peace of mind.

Real estate IRAs or private placements can help balance your retirement portfolio by diversifying your retirement investments. Simply move your existing IRA(s), Roth IRA(s) or other tax-deferred or tax-free savings accounts to a self-directed IRA or Solo(k) with PENSCO Trust Company and take control of your financial future. At PENSCO Trust, we combine proprietary technology, built specifically to facilitate smooth, safe processing of investment transactions with the greatest depth of in-house expertise in the industry. Clients benefit from our expertise on non-traditional IRA investing that comes from our singular focus. We are proud of our philosophy of sharing this expertise with our clients and prospects by providing free education on self directed IRA investing. As a regulated IRA custodian, we are never in conflict with your investment goals because we do not sell investment products nor do we provide investment or tax advice.


Sunwest Trust, Inc. began as a small escrow company called First Financial. In an office with only one employee and no escrow accounts, First Financial Escrow opened for business. First Financial quickly gained a reputation for being honest, hardworking and fair. Throughout the course of the next ten years, the company grew by accepting new accounts and purchasing small escrow companies in and around Albuquerque. In 1997, First Financial purchased all of the escrow accounts from Sunwest Bank. In September of 1997, Sunwest Escrow, LC opened as a combination of the accounts serviced by First Financial and those of Sunwest Bank. The merger allowed them to move out of their small office space and into a building of their own.